Founded as a watchmaker’s atelier in 1881, it is currently a high quality modern brand of SWISS MADE watches. The design of Albert Riele timepieces is a meeting of tradition, an inherent measure of chic, with the youthful energy of the vision of their talented designers. To that is added a hint of careful extravagance and exquisite detailing.

Bergstern is stylish, its designs treading a path between classic and modern, and yet it is also practical, with an eye to the circumstances and tasks of everyday life and the exceptional, all with unique character. Its greatest asset is stylistic moderation and the universality that goes together with it.

The brand, in its philosophy and design, perfectly matches the nature of the modern man. They have character, are clear-thinking, dynamic and bold, which is clearly visible in the watches’ design. Aztorin timepieces are identified with an active life, masculine sports and adrenaline.

Elixa is the quintessence of the latest trends, a crazy trip round the world’s fashion capitals. It’s about playing with patterns, colours and styles. It’s an inseparable element of all sorts of fashion styles, both on the catwalk and in daily life. Elixa watches are a perfect marriage of sensual style and mathematical precision.

Watches for those who are young at heart, living in the here and now, valuing freedom, for whom style and function are important. They’re watches for those in keeping with the spirit of the times. AM:PM interprets a range of styles with a lightness and intelligent simplicity. AM:PM’s considered, fresh styling is backed by quality components and high build quality.

The brand was created out of the need to provide the discerning customer with high quality watch straps in a wide range of designs. Peter Handmann means attractive, classic design at competitive prices.

An offer directed at companies which want to build their image around jewellery and watches that fit their brand and their needs. As part of B2B, R2 Trade designs and makes, among others, statuettes, medals, jewellery and lapel badges. The product range also takes in a wide range of jewellery and watches from Apart.